Salt Lick BBQ Sauce


The Salt Lick—named actual salt licks used by local wildlife on the property—got started in 1967 when Thurman Roberts, Sr. and Hisako Roberts opened their restaurant, cooking meats in the way of their pioneering parents who helped settle Driftwood nearly 100 years before. The love and care that went into their barbecue was not lost on the locals, who helped grow the business into what it is today. Run by Scott Roberts, The Salt Lick now has three locations and does a mail order business where you can get their sauces and rubs as well as merchandise and even their famous barbecue.


The first smell is of a complex and vibrant mustard. Mustard is the dominant trait and it has a nice tartness and spice that gives a little singe to the nose. There's a faint sweetness too in this well balanced sauce.

Thickness & Texture

There are a lot of visible spices seen in this smooth sauce that's the color of a dirty yellow mustard. You can distinctly make out specs of black and red pepper through the light hue. This sauce runs medium-thin, creating a smooth, continuous pour off a suspended spoon.

Out of the Jar

This is the first mustard sauce I've tried that I really loved. The flavor is balanced and smooth, with a lot of different elements coming together to form a seamless barbecue sauce. Mustard is the most prevalent ingredient, but it's sharpness is tempered with just the right amount of sugar. The tartness of the mustard is amped up a bit with vinegar, but not so much that it over takes the sweetness. The complex worcestershire is responsible for the depth of the sauce, and after all those flavors settle on the tongue, the peppers show up right at the end with a very mild heat.